Oundle Vintage Festival was originally set up to be a one-off event to raise funds to fix the Town Clock. The original aims were met when the 2019 festival became a huge success and raised £10,000 to donate to the clock fund. Subsequently there were many requests to run the even again. As such, a decision was taken to make the Vintage Festival an annual event.

The main groups involved are…

The 2020 OVF Organising Committee

Chair Philip Amps Amps Wine Merchants
Vice-Chair Paul Eveleigh The Cycle Technician
Vehicle Display Ali & Oli Winbolt The Splined Hub & AGA Oundle
Vintage Market Heather Amps Amps Wine Merchants
Vintage Dance Bobbie Turton Parish Church Friends
Vntage Dance Alex Worth Just Lets
Tower Tours Ian Goldsmith Parish Church Friends
Treasurer David Webb Bulley Davey
Website Justin Jeffrey Qi Marketing & Web Design
Social Media Emily Hopkins Content Solutions
Food & Drink Paula Crump Stanley Street Food
Steam & Tractors Russell Bulley
Health & Safety Trevor Noddles

Run by Volunteers

Many Festival Elements

Held Within The Streets



The Vintage Festival Organising Committee was set up by, and is now coordinated by representatives from Oundle Business Association.

There are various aims. The first is to create a ‘town event’ that attracts footfall to Oundle in order to highlight Oundle as a visitor destination and encourage local trade. Also (and not to be forgotten) we aim to provide local residents with a major local event to look forward to, take part in and enjoy. At the same time, the Festival will re-invest some of the receipts into improving the event and after this hold the remaining festival profits in a fund that can be applied to by groups who have local projects that can be demonstrated to improve the town for all. You can find a full description of the Love Oundle Fund below…





Where The Proceeds from The Vintage Festival Go

The Love Oundle Fund


The Love Oundle Fund (LOF) has been created under the auspices of Oundle Business Association (OBA) who co-ordinate Oundle Vintage Festival (OVF). The fund is administered through the OVF Committee where applications are received and considered. Applications for small grants may be submitted in writing at any time. The funds within the LOF are held by OBA and ringfenced in the main OBA bank account where successful grants are paid from.


The purpose of LOF is to distribute funds raised through profits, donations and fundraising from the vintage festival, and to appropriate grants that OBA may obtain that are relevant to improvement projects for the benefit of the town and townsfolk.


The aim of the LOF is to improve the fabric of the town of Oundle for the benefit of residents and visitors. We believe that keeping the town well-presented and vibrant is important to those that live in Oundle and also key to the long-term prosperity of the town. In appropriating locally raised funds to deserving projects, our aim is to encourage local groups and organisations to continually invest in the town and its assets.


LOF applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Projects should be accessible to all, normally located in unrestricted public areas
  • Benefits must be readily available and visible to all in the community, not just those in the group applying
  • Preference will be shown to projects that will have a sustainable impact on the presentation of the town and/or its economic wellbeing
  • The fund will favour schemes that enable local people to become more involved in community life and take pride in the town
  • Projects that bring improved links between community and local business will be encouraged
  • Individuals, groups, clubs, organisations or businesses that apply must be able to demonstrate the wider benefit

The types of projects that the fund might support include:

  • renovation or improvement of green spaces or neglected areas of the town
  • new / improved street furniture and street appearance enhancements
  • repair or maintenance of town assets or items significant to Oundle
  • signage to enhance way finding and the appearance of the town
  • supply of equipment to enable community maintenance / management

Individuals, Groups, Clubs, Organisations and Business are invited to apply in writing by email to lof@oundlevintagefestival.co.uk. You must clearly state: Contact Name, Organisation Name, Contact Phone Number, Email Address, Project Title, Description of Project, Benefits to the Town & Residents, Amount requested. All applications will be acknowledged when received and then considered by the OVF Committee in due course.



Your Ideas & Assistance

If you might have a bit of time spare to help on Festival weekend in May, or have any amusements to offer or ideas for vintage displays, then we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know!